An interview with our member Trimo.

Trimo UK Ltd. was established in 2001. Over the past 18 years the company built reliable and trustworthy partnerships with many companies throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland by supplying them with architectural façades, walls and roof systems for a variety of different building types. We were talking about opportunities and characteristics of the UK market with Trimo’s CEO, Mr Božo Černila.

Božo Černila, CEO of Trimo

We heard that Brexit is not an obstacle for Trimo in fact, your business is growing in the UK.

Business for Trimo UK is growing strongly. Trimo found its place on UK market and it is a fast-growing market. Growth is exceptional at the moment despite insecurity with Brexit.

The market strategy (strongly supported by the SLO headquarters) proved to be successful, Trimo decided to support key clients and focus on segments of the market which we can cover fully with our products, services and support. Major areas that we are covering are high end facades with Qbiss product, industrial, production and commercial buildings with Trimoterm. A very important segment for Trimo is also the supply of fire wall systems with our fire rated products.

Trimo facilities in Slovenia

How you find the British market (opportunities, ease of doing business, permits, etc.)?

The British market is demanding and challenging but also rewarding. The market expects a high level of service and superior performance of the product. When you meet those expectations, the market rewards you with exciting projects with world class clients. The market is fully regulated (certificates, tests etc to prove the quality of the products are a must) which puts Trimo in position to compete on a fair level.

Why is the UK so interesting for Trimo?

The UK is home to headquarters of all major architectural offices and London is the capital of architecture worldwide. This enables us to place our high-quality products on supreme projects. Also, the construction business of prefabricated, fire rated facades is growing. Trimo provides innovative, high quality products which are meeting the needs of the market.

East Blackburn Learning Community

More information here

Building Type:  Education / Culture / Public Product
Type:  Assembly Systems 
Trimoterm – Insulated Fireproof Facade System 
Qbiss – Modular Facade System 
Architect: Nicholas Hare Architects
Location: Haslingden Rd, Blackburn, United Kingdom

We’ve also heard that you are working with major UK airports.

Airports are an important segment for our façade business in UK. Special projects like those are demanding from a technical point of view but also giving us the opportunity to perform on a high level by using our high- end Qbiss products. Recently we have been working on Gatwick airport, Manchester Airport and Heathrow. We are also heavily involved with commercial activities on London City Airport and new phases of Gatwick and Manchester airport, starting with deliveries within few days for Stansted airport.

Equinix LD6 Data Centre

More information here.

Building Type: Other
Investor: Equinix
Architect: Arup Associates
Location: 352 Buckingham Ave, Slough, United Kingdom

Why you would recommend the UK market to other Slovenian companies

The UK market is open and rewarding for all the companies that have high quality products and services to offer. If companies succeed with this size of the market, there is a guarantee for a long-term success.

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