Art is not reserved for the “elite” and everybody can and should enjoy it!

An interview with Miha Murn, founder and owner of Institute AAMI, before the opening of the Art Expo Ljubljana

Mr. Miha Murn is the founder and owner of Institute AAMI, which is a proud member of the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC). The company operates internationally, organizing several art exhibitions and business delegations every year. The connection of Institute AAMI and BSCC began in 2018, when the annual BSCC “Christmas Gala” was enriched by an art exhibition, brought to London by AAMI. The biggest event of the company though, is the ART Expo Ljubljana project. With BSCC being the official partner of the project, we introduce some detailed information, gathered in a brief interview with Mr. Murn.

The 2. ART Expo Ljubljana is a highly anticipated event in Slovenia. How would you describe it in a few words?

The 2. ART Expo Ljubljana is the biggest arts and culture event in Slovenia. This year, we managed to unite more than 350 exhibiting artists from over 30 countries in one place. The main part of the expo will be located in the “Steklena Hall” of the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre whereas additional cultural events and exhibitions will take place in BTC City Ljubljana. More than 70 events, such as concerts, shows, lectures and workshops, will enrich the broad palette of exhibitors from Slovenia, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Kazakhstan, Peru, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey, China, Hungary, Brazil, Japan, Netherlands and other countries.

How would you define your target audience for the event?

The concept here is the same as in the selection of the exhibiting artists. AAMI gives a chance of presentation to everybody (as long as they are prosperous, dedicated and ambitious). We offer young, emerging artists a chance to present themselves and their talent, even if they are not academic artists or if they do not suit certain parameters, which define a “good artist”. We stand behind the same concept with visitors – everybody is welcome to the event, even people who do not value art, because we strive towards them starting to like it.

The opening event is usually the most interesting as well as most visited. What can visitors expect from the Grand opening on Thursday, September 12th at 7pm?

The opening evening event will be special for sure. We expect around 1.000 visitors who will enjoy the brilliant performance of the renowned pianist, Mr. Joe Meixner. Visitors will hear speeches from the Mayor of Ljubljana, Mr. Zoran Janković, Mr. Miha Mermal from the BTC d.d. company, Mr. Renato Mosca the Brazilian ambassador and others. After the formal part of the opening, visitors will have the chance to admire artworks from the exhibiting artists of the Expo. We welcome everybody to the event as one of our main goals is to show people that art is not reserved for the “elite” and that everybody can and should enjoy it!

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