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Why invest in Slovenia?

Slovenia offers a supportive environment for emerging businesses looking to thrive internationally through its technically-savvy workforce and pro-business infrastructure. Slovenia’s appeal is not a low cost manufacturing but the reputation of its technology-and innovation-driven industries.


Source: STO (author Nea Culpa)


  • Slovenia boasts infrastructure for inland transport of goods, modern port infrastructure, reliable electricity and gas supply and dependable internet connections – most foreign investors are attracted by Slovenia’s strategic position at the heart of Europe, it’s excellent transport and ITC infrastructure, its value chains, industry clusters and centers of excellence.
  • Slovenia’s reputation as the third country in Europe after Finland and Sweden with over 60% of its territory under forests explains why woodworking industry has always been important. The industry employs some 12.000 people in nearly 900 companies.
  • The ICT sector employs today nearly 20.000 people in some 2.600 companies.
  • According to international rankings, 91% of Slovenian can communicate in at least one world language.
  • Ljubljana offers various venues and congress facilities for events for more than 2.000 participants. The international airport, just 20 minutes away from the capital, has good connections with other congress destinations such as Bled, Portorož, Maribor …

Source: STO (author Franci Ferjan)

Quality of life facts:

  • Ranks in the global top 20 for prosperity for the second year in a row according to Legatum Prosperity Index 2016. It ranks 1st in natural environment sub-index for the last 5 years.
  • The country nestling between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea provides the ideal environment for tourism in general and for medical tourism in particular.
  • Colourful, vibrant and the authentic Ljubljana is Slovenia’s administrative, business, education and cultural center.
  • Ski slopes in winter and sea-side beaches in summer, golf courses and bridle paths are easily reached.
  • Slovenia’s 15th place of the 51 surveyed countries explains why foreigners arriving for business and pleasure fall in love with Slovenia very quickly and often decide to make it their second if not first home.
  • Slovenia’s “can do” attitude is inspiring, crime rate is very low and atmosphere relaxed.



More information: http://www.investslovenia.org/why-slovenia/
Source: http://www.spiritslovenia.si

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