Brexit Ambition

The British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and institute Think Europe have established Brexit Ambition initiative, which aims at identifying potential difficulties which businesses will encounter in the exit of the UK from the EU, and proposing policy papers to the Slovenian Government. It will give a mandate to the European Commission to negotiate the exit with the UK and it must – in our opinion – be based on the real problems of Slovenian companies in the UK, British companies in Slovenia, as well as people / employees, creative industries, researchers and universities, and so on. We can only achieve that Slovenian interests will be taken into account in the negotiations through close cooperation between us and the decision-makers.

The project will consist of Slovenian companies, working with the British market, and British companies in Slovenia. They will talk about concrete problems that they have or expect. Through cooperation with the Council of British Chambers of Europe we will also be included in a European survey of businesses working with the UK.

We will prepare an initial position paper for the Slovenian Government, which will then be amended based on the development of the negotiations. To hear as many opinions and initiatives, we will organize three round tables and a survey in 2017.

If you would like to voice your opinion on the impacts of Brexit to you and/or your business, contact us at

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