Start exporting to the UK

The United Kingdom offers with its population of over 64 million a huge market with strong potential and premium pricing. In spite of Brexit, it remains one of the most interesting markets in Europe, with easy access, a good logistical network, a strong financial sector and highly innovative industry, high level of professionalism and a clear, yet easy to understand business culture, where it is easy to set up a business.

The British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce can support Slovenian companies to enter the UK market from A to Z – from market research, helping you set up your company in the UK, preparation to enter the UK market, finding your potential partners, setting up meetings with potential partners and much more.


Brief introduction to export process

  1. Initial meeting with the British Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

Contact us to arrange  a meeting.

  1. Joining our chamber

Companies that would like to start exporting to the UK automatically fall under the category Export. See the benefits of joining here.

  1. Filling out our exporting questionnaire

Our chamber needs to get an insight into your company’s wishes, experiences, knowledge and products/services that your company is selling/offering. On the basis of the questionnaire we prepare a Service assessment.

Based on company’s wishes and needs we propose services with our UK partners

  • Market research & market entry strategy (Step Beyond)
  • B2B meeting organization & market entry strategy (JMB Partnership & Step Beyond)
  • Marketing and pricing assessment (Emma Cook)
Please fill out the questionnaire online here
  1. COBCOE connects

Every member also gets free access to the platform COBCOE connects, which is a new online platform for companies that want to expand their business network. COBCOE connects is connecting companies across the Europe and the platform serves as some kind of Facebook for companies –posting of business opportunities, searching through the platform based on each company’s interest and discovering new partners across Europe.  The BSCC also provides 2 hours of COBCOE connects support, so that the company gets out of it as much as possible. COBCOE connects introduction video can be seen here (

  1. Service offer

The service provider prepares a service offer, it also includes prices. Later on we send you the offer and inform you about potential tenders for companies in relevant areas (SPIRIT Slovenia). When (if) the offer is confirmed, we organize the initial call/ meeting with the service provider.

  1. Briefing with the service provider

We organize the call or meeting between you and service provider. The purpose of the meeting is to establish a connection between the service provider and company and to get more information about the process of the service.

  1. Service execution

Service provider prepares the agreed service during which is in a constant contact with you. We strongly believe that the feedback process is the key towards successful conclusion of the business.

  1. Feedback

Feedback should be present at all times of the process, but despite that, we will encourage you to meet us and the service provider at the end of the process and discuss the process as a whole and possible improvements.

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