Events & Networking

With an average of 2-3 activities per month, there is always an opportunity for our members to network at our business events, conferences or leisure activities. Please visit our web site or register to receive our newsletter and be informed about our activities.

  1. Networking events in Slovenia and in the UK
    • Tea with reason events: 5-7/ year on specific topics, relevant for business
    • Conferences
    • Evening events
    • Christmas Gala in London
    • Other activities
  2. Member & sponsors lunches
    • Lunch for members, hosted at the UK ambassador’s residence each quarter, for up to 12 guests
  3. Direct introductions among members
    • We can introduce you directly to up to 3 of our members
  4. British House invitations
    • British school activities, MEPI team building events
    • Invitations to British council events
    • Invitations to UK embassy events
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