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Ease of setting up a company in Slovenia & Costs of setting up 

In Slovenia, the procedure to establish a limited liability company is fast and easy, it may take up to 8 days, and there are no costs involved. The minimum founding capital is EUR 7,500 for a limited liability company.

The most common forms are limited liability company (družba z omejeno odgovornostjo – d.o.o.) and joint stock company (delniška družba). Establishing a limited liability company or a branch office is the most common practice for foreign companies to establish a business in Slovenia.

Registration of a limited liability company with a single founder can be done online through the government’s portal e-VEM ( and it is free of charge. In order to register LLC this way, the founder must have the following: obtain a Slovenian digital certificate provided by one of the certification authorities; obtain Slovenian tax number at Tax Administration office; use a prescribed form of the Act on Establishment; open an electronic book of decisions, and pay up the capital fully in cash. 

Limited liability company with one or more founders can be registered at any of 12 Slovenian Business Point (SPOT) one-stop shops across Slovenia; the link for a list of consultants to contact: ( Registration is free of charge. 

To register LLC this way, certain conditions have to be met: a prescribed form of Act on Establishment has to be submitted, and the founding capital has to be fully paid up in cash. At the registration, all founders of the company must be present.

When the company is registered online or through SPOT, it is then automatically entered into the Court Register and in the Slovenian Business Register AJPES (The Agency of the Republic of Slovenia for Public Legal Records and Related Services). The information is also forwarded to the Tax Administration, as is the application for compulsory health insurance at the Health Insurance Institute of Slovenia. 

If certain conditions to register a company online or via SPOT are not met, LLC must be registered through notary public with costs varying between EUR 300 and EUR 500. Slovenian tax number has to be obtained at the Tax Administration office before the registration.

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Approximate ongoing costs for a small business

Ongoing costs, of course, depend on the type of activity, location, required infrastructure and are divided into fixed and variable costs. 

The company usually has fixed costs such as rent for business premises, telecommunications and internet costs, IT infrastructure, water, electricity, utilities, and basic accounting… Please note that the costs may vary greatly depending on the location.

Costs of real estate Most land in Slovenia is privately owned and can freely be sold and purchased.

Real-estate costs in EUR per m2 in 2019


Leasehold (monthly)






Residential apartments










Production facilities





Warehouse facilities





Source: SPIRIT Slovenia, 2020

  • Internet and telephony costs for small businesses start at about € 30 /month. The providers are:
  • Variable costs include labour costs, which depend on the size of the company and the structure of the required workforce, material costs, logistics …
  • The minimum gross wage is :1.024,24€
  • Accounting costs depend on the size of the company and type of business:



Will a company need a bank account in SLO? 

Usually, a company registered in Slovenia must have a bank account opened in the EU.

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