Investment opportunities in the UK

Why invest in Great Britain?

    1. Great Market: vast market opportunity UK is the 5th largest economy, 2nd most innovative country in the world and attracts most FDI projects in Europe.
      • World-class industries:
        • Largest IT industry in Europe
        • 2nd largest aerospace industry in the world
        • Advanced transportation industry
      • Level of innovation
          Country Score (2015)
        1 Switzerland 68.30
        2 United Kingdom 62.42
        3 Sweden 62.40
        4 Netherlands 61.58
        5 USA 60.10
        24 Czech Republic 51.32
    2. Great place to work: business-friendly conditions Great Britain has a top rank when it comes to ease of doing business, and UKTI can support you to set up across all aspects.
24 hours to open the business online
1 GBP required share capital
Trust towards entrepreneurs
      • Ease of doing business
        Country Ease of Doing Business Rank
        Singapore 1
        New Zealand 2
        Denmark 3
        South Korea 4
        Hong Kong 5
        UK 6
        Germany 15
        Ireland 17
        Czech Rep. 35
  1. Great place to grow: Favorable business environment UKTI can provide a detailed overview of the various incentives that every region in the UK offers to attract companies
    • Types of development deals
      • Local Enterprise Partnerships 39 Local Enterprise Partnerships between the government and businesses, which work together to drive business growth and provide the best local advice possible.
      • Enterprise Zones 24 Enterprise Zones offer a combination of reduced taxes, simpler planning rules and a package of financial incentives to encourage businesses to establish themselves there.
      • Catapult Centres 10 Catapult Centres allow businesses to access equipment and expertise. They bridge the gap between research and business, and help commercialize the outputs.
  2. Great government support: Attractive tax & support regime The UK government is doing more than ever to create the best business conditions and attract top investments.
    • Examples of government support initiatives
      • Attractive tax regime
        • Corporation tax rate of 20 % from April 2015 is the lowest in G7
        • Further reductions will bring down the rate to 18 % by 2020
      • R&D credits
        • Companies with qualifying R&D expenditures are entitled to a deduction on their taxable profits
        • For SMEs, for example, the deduction can reach 230 %
      • Patent box
        • Patent Box is a preferential tax regime for profits arising from patents
        • A reduced rate of 10 % will be gradually phased in by 2017
  3. 5. Great place for entrepreneurs Various start-up & SME support programs The government offers entrepreneurs who decided to set up in the UK a handful of support.
    • Examples of support initiatives for start-ups and SMEs
      • Global Entrepreneur Programme
        • Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) helps to accelerate the business growth
        • A team of dealmakers acting as mentors can provide introduction to network of potential investors.
      • Innovate UK
        • Government program to fund, support and connect businesses
        • Various grants ranging between £ 5,000 and £10 million for the development of innovative products or services
      • Soft landing packages
        • Preferential conditions with the support of our local Investment teams across all regions in the UK, such as preferential terms at co-working spaces – e.g. free desk for 6 weeks or reduced rates
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