Zavod MEPI as Non-governmental organization runs in Slovenia the program which is known as The Duke of Edinburgh´s Award in Slovenia. The impact of our program is based on personal / individual challenge and includes the following principles:

  • Individual
  • Non-competitive
  • Accessible to all
  • Voluntary
  • Evolutionary
  • Balance between different areas
  • Progressive
  • Inspirational
  • Marathon and not a sprint
  • Pleasant

In Slovenia this program is running for the last 12 years. In the beginning the program was delivered only in some regions but we extended the program throughout entire Slovenia in the last few years. At the moment we have more than 60 award units in all main areas in Slovenia. The majority of our licensed Award units are schools (primary and secondary) where we reach majority of main stream young people but we have some difficulties in reaching vulnerable groups. That is why we are delivering the program also through other Non-governmental youth organizations. We can say that we operate according to the principle of the decentralization and partnership.

Our National office, with four employees, strives for quality and user experience which is crucial for the impacts the program has on young people. Furthermore our organization, Zavod MEPI, acts as voluntary organization and organization in the public interests in the field of youth. We involve many volunteers with different knowledge and skills and train them according to our standards to be able to work with young people in a professional way. In our trainings we use different tools and methods of non-formal education which we upgrade constantly through international training.

By doing the MEPI program, competences important for independent and responsible young people are developed. Our participants and their mentors say that this program is “school for life”. It can be said that this program becomes the way of live.  Through program we are developing the following competencies:

  • Confidence
  • Managing feelings
  • Resilience and Determination
  • Relationship and Leadership
  • Creativity and Adaptability
  • Planning and Problem Solving
  • Civic competence
  • Intercultural competence
  • Personal and social well-being

This program through four different Sections (Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and Adventurous Journey) promoted personal discovery and growth, self-reliance, perseverance, discipline and responsibility towards themselves. Mentoring is a key approach in this process because it enables that young people identify their goals and strategy to achieve them.  This is basic competences that make young person visible on labor market and activates their participation in society.

Our program is recognized and supported by our Ministry of Education and it runs under patronage of our Slovene president Borut Pahor.

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