Starting a business in Slovenia

Most foreign partners are attracted by Slovenia’s strategic position at the heart of Europe, its excellent transport and ITC infrastructure, its value chains, industry clusters and centers of excellence. Though Slovenia is only 2 million people market, it has historical and cultural tight connections with Adriatic region, as well as Central Europe.

There is a high corporate culture of transparency and accountability, observance of international technical standards, personal integrity and company loyalty in Slovenian business. British products have a high quality reputation and are common mainly in food and drink sector.

If you wish to start a company you can register it easily through single-access points, where you can also obtain a construction permit and carry out any other administrative procedures for greenfield investment.

Source: STO (author D. Podgornik)


Slovenia as a potential host country has balanced class forces, class-based economic disputes are rare and wages are very reasonable for the level of education and skills of the local workforce.

Language skills of Slovenian labour are significant and so over 70% of population can have a conversation in at least two foreign languages and over 92% can speak at least one world language. English, German and Italian are widely used and French language courses are very popular. Also Serbian and Croatian are widely spoken as a result of common country (Yugoslavia) until 1991, which is very important for making business in Adriatic region.

Competitive advantages of Slovenia:

  • Quality workforce
  • Good links to regional markets
  • The best infrastructure in CEE Region
  • Regional leader in Quality of Life Index (20th in 2015 and 2016)

Source: STO (author Srdjan Živulović – Bobo)



For investors seeking to buy into state-owned enterprises, timing is perfect as the government is preparing to dispose of its stakes under the sovereign holding law. The process of selling assets will be transparent and investors will have only one entity to talk to.

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