Tom Salusbury

Tom is Regional Director of the Department for International Trade’s Central Europe Network (CEN).  He has been based at the British Embassy in Warsaw since 2015.  He manages a team of 60 local staff, promoting UK trade and inward investment in the ten markets of Central Europe (Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Serbia and Bosnia & Herzegovina).  Each year, CEN helps UK companies to achieve around £0.5 billion in exports, encourages around 250 new UK exporters to trade in the region and helps about 20 of the region’s companies to set up operations across the UK. 

Tom has spent most of his career working on science, technology or industrial strategy issues for the British Government.  For DIT, he managed the Life Sciences Team twice (in 2003-05 and again in 2009).  He was also Head of the DIT Team in Oslo from 2005 to 2009.  His first foreign posting was to the British Embassy, Tokyo, where he was Science Attaché from 1990 to 1997.  In 2002, he spent a year at the European Commission in Brussels.

Outside Government, Tom spent three years managing an innovation company on the Oslo Science Park.  He also spent two years working as a research administer at a technical college in Oslo.  Both jobs gave him a deep insight into working with innovative people from across Europe. 

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