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The British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce is a non-governmental bilateral organization, with the primary aim of bolstering trade and investment between the United Kingdom and Slovenia. Established as a dynamic platform for fostering economic cooperation, the Chamber plays a crucial role in facilitating partnerships, fostering dialogues, and unlocking potential business opportunities.

Our core mission revolves around actively promoting trade and fostering cooperation among Slovenian and UK businesses. To achieve this, the chamber adopts a multifaceted approach that includes building extensive networks of industry professionals, initiating innovative projects, and organizing a diverse range of exclusive events catered to its esteemed members.

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Gregor Jamnik

Managing Director at Hotel Slon

»It is a great pleasure to be a member of BSCC and it means a lot to us in Hotel Slon. We host a great deal of British travellers, in summer many tourists, but throughout the year business travellers who visit Slovenia for their business interest. These business travellers visit Slovenian companies that make business with UK or they seek opportunities with UK companies expanding in this region. My team and I think it is a great advantage to be able to meet other BSCC members, exchange ideas and practices, meet new business partners and host BSCC events in our hotel.«


Andrej Krajner

Communication manager at NLB Group

»Simply put: to be connected to fair minded people from different backgrounds, knowledge, and experience, to be able to converse with them and exchange opinions, broadens horizons, introduces new ideas, and creates new opportunities. Many of them have been presented to NLB and NLB Group precisely because of our partnership with British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce. We have been, for example, amongst other honoured to support the youth programme The Duke of Edinburgh Award, known as MEPI in Slovenia; and to organize a very informative visit to the London Stock Exchange, Level39 and ING Bank. We intend to further strengthen our partnership; therefore I look forward to new opportunities also in the future.«


Matej Golob Matzele

Managing Director at Triglav svetovanje

»The British-Slovenian Chamber is a key organisation for providing information and networking between businesses and business people from Slovenia and the UK, which is particularly important after Brexit. Its leadership, team and members also regularly offer very professional and relaxed joint meetings and events, especially in the areas of financial markets and new technologies. Its ambition goes even further, as the British-Slovenian Chamber is one of the chambers that most intensively covers broader global issues, such as climate change.«


Jonathan Charles Locke

Former Management Board Member at NovaKBM

»The Chamber has an important role in connecting people and businesses in the development of new and existing commercial opportunities. The Chamber can assist in accessing relevant people and organisations which can shorten business development lead times. The Chamber also runs a regular series of seminars, round tables and business mixers focused on key current themes and ideas. The Chamber team has a proven track record and I commend them to anyone looking to do business with and in Slovenia.«


Azra Begič Milanez

Partner at A Tax International

"A Tax International d.o.o. has been a member of the British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce since 2020. We recognize the importance of being a member of the Chamber primarily in networking and strengthening business ties with both domestic and foreign business partners. The exchange of good practices and experience is an added value for us. We like the fact that the Chamber's employees are always willing to help, cooperate and are quite active. We always look forward to joint projects and are proud to be a member of the Chamber."

Renata Pevec

Director of Medical Programme at Biro Kebsi

»BSCC is a place where every company, which is doing business with Great Britain should be: they have a great team of professionals who understand business and are always there when you need them and take time to understand the needs and requirements of every single business, big or small. They have  perfect knowledge of business practises  in GB and in Slovenia and their exquisite connections to numerous entities from business and political life enable them to open doors and facilitate business opportunities and development. In short, at BSCC business is GREAT.«


Miha Žerko

Chairman at SRC

»BSCC is a wonderful platform that connects people and businesses from Slovenia and UK. With its inspiring team and ambitious goals, it successfully spreads the word that businesses can and should build a better future for everyone.«


Blaž Ahčan

Managing Director at Go Green

»Connecting and sharing views, practices and experiences between business partners is key to progress and sustainable development. The bilateral British-Slovenian Chamber of Commerce allows us, even after the decision of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland to follow a parallel path to the EU, to remain closely connected and to face together the challenges of our rapidly changing environment. «


Simona Špilak

Managing Director at BOC Institute

»As an executive coach and executive search consultant, I know how important relationships are and the attention to the high quality of services. A membership at BSCC feels similar. It offers to its members not only content-wise rich events but as well great connections and support. At BOC Institute, we value the individual approach of the BSCC and attention to our needs, especially how the Chamber supports our international business interests.«


Greg McPartlin

Director at Albacore

»We at Albacore have always found the BSCC proactive and relevant in reaching out to its members with specific business development initiatives and with the organisation of a wide array of interesting in person and online events. It offers us the chance to attend events with informed guest speakers, to network and interact with peers and industry leaders, and to stay updated on economic and policy changes relevant for our business.«

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