Why join us


Year after year, we strive to organise events and other activities that are tailored to our members' needs. This is why we have developed a one-on-one approach to working with our members, which allows us to respond directly to their needs and address the topics that are of great interest to them.


The BSCC provides a platform for effective business networking, giving access to our network of more than 90 members, as well as to the network of 53 Chambers of Commerce in the UK, which bring together more than 104,000 companies.

Our business events are attended by between 50 and 150 people, giving you the opportunity to network, establish new partnerships and exchange best practices, knowledge, and expertise. Every year we organise a premium event Christmas Gala, where around 150 Slovenians travel to London to interact with their business partners and establish new connections with people from UK government and business world.


Attend our webinars and in person events covering a wide range of topics. As part of our Tea with Reason events, we address energy – nuclear, mine decommissioning; infrastructure – rail, maritime, water supply; defence; climate change; we also include British expertise in financial services (FinTech, InsureTech and LegalTech); why the UK is a good starting point for entering global markets, and many more.

A few times a year, we also organise different business delegations to London, enabling companies to establish new partnerships and create exciting business opportunities.


To accelerate your business growth, we can help you expand either to the UK or Slovenian market and find potential business partners with the support of our external partners. With our expertise and experience, we are ready to address all your concerns or obstacles you may have after the UK left the EU. We can also provide support to Slovenian companies with entering global markets through the British incentive Going global through the UK.


By becoming a member, your company will be featured on our website and social media posts. In addition, we give you the opportunity to share your professional knowledge and expertise as a speaker or panellist at our events to promote your business to the public, companies and others.


Stay up to date with all our activities and upcoming events, so be sure to follow us on our website and social media and join us at our next event.

Don't forget to check your e-mail where we'll keep you informed about all the latest events and business topics in our newsletter every month.


We offer increased promotion to our Patron Members and custom-made benefits within the chamber for their additional support. Patron Members can benefit from their logo on the BSCC website homepage, newsletters and hot link to the company’s website, opportunity to sponsor and identify a key theme to be covered at one of the regular BSCC events, designated table at BSCC events of the company’s choice, and many more.

Get in touch with us for additional information on becoming a Patron and custom-made benefits.

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Membership categories

Forge Connections, Begin Your Journey.

Ideal for companies that want to expand their professional network in Slovenia and in the UK and have an annual turnover of less than 1 million euros.*



  • Networking at Chamber events
  • Include member news in chamber communication channels & publication of new members
  • Informing members on UK relevant business topics through our website, events and by e-Chamber news
  • First hand advice on entering global markets through the UK
  • Right to use our brand label & feature member logo on Chamber website
  • Reduced member rate for business delegations & events in the UK
  • Participation in the Expat G&T Club

*One time entry fee in the amount of 150 € (plus VAT) is charged upon joining.

Broaden Your Reach, Expand Your Trade.

Ideal for companies looking to increase trade in the UK or Slovenia. For companies with an annual turnover of more than 1 million euros and fewer than 50 employees.*


Benefits of CONNECTION BUILDER category and more:

  • First-time UK Exporter Package (reduced rate €180.00; regular €380.00)
  • Information about fairs, festivals, and shows in the UK and Slovenia through our website and upon request
  • Business services consultation in the UK and Slovenia (up to 2 hours)
  • Information about opening an office in the UK
  • Introduction to British partners in the UK to help Slovenian exporters (market research, setting up meetings, market entry strategy)
  • Participation in Chamber Councils
  • Participation in panel discussions at Chamber events

*One time entry fee in the amount of 150 € (plus VAT) is charged upon joining.

Lead with Authority, Shape the Agenda.

Ideal for businesses who want to approach decision makers, benefit from personal introductions to relevant business leaders and shape the agenda on bilateral and EU issues. For companies with an annual turnover of more than 1 million euros and with more than 50 employees.*


Benefits of CONNECTION BUILDER & TRADE BOOSTER category and more:

  • Invitations to meet special UK guests from government and business
  • Access to our member network and direct introductions through the us
  • Additional partnership opportunities (tailored events, meetings etc.)

*One time entry fee in the amount of 150 € (plus VAT) is charged upon joining.