Investors’ Council on the Challenges of Opening Bank Accounts and Recruiting International Workforce in Slovenia

At the last Investors' Council meeting on 13 February 2024, we discussed the current development of "Gospodarski krog" for a more favourable tax environment in Slovenia, the current situation of labour imports from third countries such as the Philippines, the conditions for issuing work permits in Slovenia for workers from third countries, and identified the challenges that foreign investors face within the Slovenian business environment.

The Council members identified three areas requiring swift action:

  1. Aim for more flexible and swifter procedures for recruiting international workforce, while at the same time providing more incentives to retain the present local workforce.
  2. Remove barriers in opening bank accounts in Slovenia for non-EU companies as well as for EU companies.
  3. Address the scarcity, dispersion and high cost of land lots, accompanied by unequal municipal contributions costs due to private ownership, negatively affecting greenfield investment.

Amidst the productive discussion, the meeting also saw the election of Chair of the Council Patrick Davidson, CEO and Co-owner Matterhorn IDC.

Strategic Partner of the Investors' Council
Strategic Partner of the Investors' Council

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