Joint Efforts With CER in Submitting Comments on the Climate Act

In cooperation with CER Partnership for a Sustainable Economy, we submitted comments on the Climate Act during the public hearing, which provides a comprehensive framework for more effective implementation of climate policies and achieving the 2050 climate net zero target.

In our comments, we called on decision-makers to add independent business experts to the Climate Council, supported the introduction of electricity vouchers, called for greater transparency and predictability in the distribution of Ecofund funds and welcomed the preparation of comprehensive strategic documents also in the area of climate change adaptation.

The Act will set the course for Slovenia's development in the coming years, which are considered a critical period for establishing a new economic ecosystem and promoting a new way of thinking, managing and acting in both business and society. It will define Slovenia's level of ambition on the path of sustainable development and green transformation, lay the foundations for a successful response to climate and environmental challenges, and set the path for mitigation and adaptation. It also sets the scene for the opportunities that the green transition brings.

The Bill also transposes into the Slovenian legal order updated European regulations in the field of climate policies, such as the renewed emissions trading scheme, and other topics whose regulation is indispensable for the achievement of national climate goals.

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