The Government Should Demonstrate Its Commitment Through Tangible Actions

Ljubljana, 4 December 2023 - Economic and agricultural organisations and associations, gathered in the so-called Gospodarski krog, welcome the intention of Prime Minister Robert Golob to announce regular monthly meetings with the business community starting in the new year, but remain cautious in view of the fact that the government has repeatedly failed to act in the past. If the Prime Minister's promises are sincere, he should prove it by freezing the already announced additional burdens on the economy, the presidents of the organisations and associations mentioned were firm at the press conference.

Given that the Prime Minister has announced talks on tax reform and administrative relief, representatives of economic and agricultural organisations and associations are calling on him to freeze the additional burdens already announced, such as the 3 percentage point increase in corporate income tax under the flood recovery act, until the start of the talks. They also oppose the measures contained in the health intervention act, which foresees an increase from 20 to 30 days of sick leave to be paid by the employer, a cap on sick pay and a reduction in benefits.

Full press release in Slovenian langugage is available here.